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Moygannon  Nurseries  & Garden Centre source our wide range of products from many different suppliers. This page details of some of our suppliers, please visit these web pages for more pictures and details of products available.

Bayer fungicides, insecticides, plant foods, Provado Vine Weevil Killer

Scotts Lawncare, Levington Evergreen 3-in-1 complete lawn treatments, Miracle-Gro plant foods, Weedkillers including Roundup, fertilisers, pest and disease control.

Flower & Vegetable seeds & Bulbs

Garden Furniture & Self Contained Water Features

Aggregates, rockery stones, beach cobbles, topsoil, horticultural grit and sand

We also supply and deliver bulk decorative pebbles, screened and unscreened topsoil and mini chip bark, composted bark and bark mulch.          

Hoses & Fittings

Hozelock & Laguna  fittings and pond pumps

Pond and Pet Supplies

We stock a wide range of Pond liners, pumps, filters, UV lights, Pond Treatments, Goldfish & Koi

High quality Nutram Pet Food – Made with human grade ingredients

Stockists of Friendly Fungi support root system fertilizer

Growing Media

Locally manufactured composts (recommended and used by Moygannon Nurseries & Garden Centre) Peat, multipurpose,  basket and patio, ericaceous, seed and cutting, rose, tree and shrub, grow bags, orchid, John Innes,,topsoil, mini chip and composted bark, organic farmyard manure and black peat for graves.

Garden Turf –  delivered to required site

We are stockists and suppliers of Eden Halls Greenhouses

Massive range of Bird Food and Feeders


Handing baskets & liners, arches, obelisks, trellis, plant supports, meshes, lawn edging, plant ties, fixings, bamboo & reed screening,  Bird care, feeders, nest boxes, seed, peanut, bird tables.


Huge ranch of terracotta and ceramic pots

Stoneware  & Garden Ornaments

Wide range of Stoneware ornaments, statues, containers, animals, water features and self-contained  fountains

Cast Iron Wood Burners, Chimneas and BBQ’s

Dog Kennels


Plastic containers, window boxes, wall planters etc., Plantpak, Whiskey Barrels, from following suppliers